Lookbook 2024


Shield Maidens and Warrior Women

Ancient Earth were bursting with pride to announce the release of this all Valhalla. Our debut collection as AE, following a complete rebranding and separation from our original name, Stone Circle. A symbol of women rising, a reclamation, and a display of what we can achieve when we trust ourselves and universe, and stand up for what is right and true!

A powerful and captivating series, featuring custom illustration seeped in symbolic mysticism and lashings of magic. Bespoke, unique and distinctly AE garments - Boho as you've never seen it before. Natural, soft fibres for year round wear. This powerful Shield Maiden energy conjures the warrior within, and the strong array of norse inspired colour and imagery infused with Celtic design makes for the perfect modern adaptation.

Valhalla awaits those who are brave enough to fight until the end!

In order to rise from the ashes, one must firstly... BURN!

Valkyrie Dress

Helga Kimono

The Forager Gown

Ragnar Wrap Skirt

Helga Kimono with Noir Maiden and Eir Wrap Skirt

Freyja A-line Crop Set

Our collections

For the Brave

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She needed a Hero, so she became one.