Ancient Earth was created from the heart with the intention of making magic and sparking self-empowerment for our extended community near and far. Alexandra (founder) took inspiration from her sense of reclamation and freedom following years of transformative life experiences, using her healing journey to channel visions for her collections and designs of wearable art as she rebuilt her life from the ground up. Ancient Earth is run by a team of powerhouse women working together on the combined vision of bringing the magic of the old ways and fashion of the ages to spark remembering for the modern woman of her own beauty and strength. Each order is lovingly hand wrapped and sent with caring intention. Every step of the Ancient Earth journey is a considered and thoughtful choice. The girls combine skill and focus to reach new heights every season as they grow the now international, ethical and sustainable brand.


Come and meet our team at one of the many events, festivals and markets we regularly attend. We love to take our time getting to know our customers and community and we are always ready to help with styling ideas and fitting! We see our community presence as an opportunity to connect and understand our customer needs, as well as collect valuable feedback that otherwise can be missed when selling mostly online. In addition to our annual community gathering at magical Glastonbury, UK, we also frequent festivals and specialised markets that align with our brand and ethos. We especially enjoy themed markets such as Medieval and Viking Festivals, Psychic Fare's and Music festivals across South Australia.


We cordially invite you to join our vibrant social media community. Find us on facebook by searching 'Ancient Earth - The Sisterhood'. Join thousands of women supporting each other to reclaim the freedom to love their bodies and express themselves through their clothing and image. We believe encourage all people to wear their unique beauty on the outside! You can expect to see our members of all ages and sizes, at different points in their journeys, joining the movement to share style tips, outfit inspiration and more in a kind and supportive environment of likeminded Soul Sisters. We discuss real life topics, and connect women both online and in person, through conversation, interactive events, lives and gatherings. It's free and always will be!