A gallery of just some of our most popular designs through the years!

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Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love 2021


In 2021, during the pandemic, a budding idea became reality. The shops were closed, the world was quiet, everyone was hidden away. We craved connection more than ever; connection with each other, connection with ourselves, connection to Source. We knew there were others out there feeling the same, so Alexandra, SC founder, created a humble group of likeminded women, and together we would share the highs and lows of life, all the while offering live videos to share clothing inspiration, tackling collective issues and social opportunities from afar. Within that space, we built the foundation for a powerful force of Women's voices, united together. Eventually, Alexandra began to dabble with design and clothing production, and with purely organic growth, Stone Circle was truly born.

Alexandra fell pregnant with her fourth child, Brianna, and during her maternity leave she focused all of her energy and dedication to growing Stone Circle to become a sustainable heart and soul lead business and to reach as many people who could benefit from the community-turned-clothing-brand we had become.

Following a very turbulent two years of personal, life altering chaos and grief, Alexandra knew that Stone Circle could no longer continue as it was. She knew in order to continue on our journey, SC also required a rebirth, to rise from the ashes anew...

It was then that Ancient Earth took to centre stage for the first time.

*Dress to Left - Sabrina Dawn

Each collection was uniquely Stone Circle.

Each collection was uniquely Stone Circle.

This coat was a year in the making! It featured a magnificent tree of life embroidery to the back and a Celtic pattern border to the bottom. We later release this magical coat in all black!

The Forager

This dress has always been in high demand since it's first release. It was slightly shorter than our other gowns, making it more practical for every day wear despite it's massive skirt circumference of over 2.1 metres! It features an adjustable neckline, adjustable waist ties, as well as 2 enormous pockets for all your foraged delights!

The Bonnie Blouse

Our Bonnie Blouse was a limited release classic! Available in just 2 colours, it had an adjustable neckline with a lace up feature, as well two waist ties to draw together for a wonderful A line shape. The Bonnie was a sure winner! Maybe we should bring her back...

The Paisley Bazaar



Tee Range

Golden Years