A Message from Our CEO

I would love to tell the short version of the story of how Ancient Earth became a reality!

I grew up in Bristol, England with my parents and siblings. Life was great there, I loved where I lived. When I was a teenager, my parents decided to move us out to Adelaide, South Australia and so things got a bit rocky for a while as my inner rebel became truly activated! As I navigated through those crucial years, learning to be an adult, I moved back and fourth between both countries multiple times, trying to find my way, my place in this great big yet also tiny world.

In my mid twenties, I moved back to the UK again, this time with my 3 children. We settled in South Wales for a while and life was so beautiful. We welcomed another baby girl into our home shortly after! I felt a huge amount of gratitude to keep my roots to the UK continuing for my children, as anyone who knows me, knows that it is truly my hearts home.

Whilst on maternity leave, after multiple redundancies and a global pandemic (how does this feel like lifetimes ago already?!) I was given the greatest gift of time. Time without commuting and being in an office, time with my family and with my own thoughts. I started dabbling with art and design and what started with 20 dresses rapidly escalated.

Over the following years I developed knowledge, experience and skill in all areas of my small business, keeping everything in house as it grew...

There have been so many lessons for me in my life since I started Ancient Earth. I believe that working from the heart has enabled me to surrender to the flow of it all. It hasn't always been easy, there have been many tests. But my work has been a constant for me, a focus outside of my home. Fulfilling my work has given me a sense of purpose, and through that I have discovered on an even deeper level what Ancient Earth can really do for people. It has never been just about the clothes.

Ancient Earth has been the catalyst for change in the lives of so many people. Our community focus and passion for body acceptance, inclusivity and radical self love has impacted thousands of women around the globe. I believe with my whole being that women have so much healing magic to offer not just to themselves, but to each other. The message of Sisterhood is so deeply ingrained into everything we do and every choice I make for the development of the business. There is unlimited power in vulnerability and the bravery of sharing our truth. I will always strive to give this message in everything that represents Ancient Earth.

Being a part of Ancient Earth as it is today and as it continues to grow, has been as transformative as the day I became a mother. I am humbled at the countless experience of connection it has provided me on a personal level, and I am unfathomably honoured to know that thousands of women are walking around this world wearing clothes that we brought fourth. I think about the lives they will live, the experiences they will have in these clothes. It is enough to bring me to tears! We all have these different stories, different pains, loves, joys, yet we are on the same journey. In our AE online community, when we see another person wearing the clothes we say 'spotted in the wild!' I love that. It's an unspoken nod of understanding. A recognition of mutual respect and kindness.

Ancient earth isn't just clothes. It's a movement. And I beyond happy that you found us here.

With Love,

Alexandra x