Ancient Earth was developed by Alexandra, who began a humble facebook group in the early months of a very difficult time for our magical world - Lockdown 2020. Dealing with isolation, redundancy, and parenthood, her desire to connect with others took over, and she spent many of her days hosting lives in the group and sharing day to day life. The group was, and still is, a communal space to talk about Boho styling ideas, body positivity, collective empowerment and general support. The Sisterhood is a space where women can feel confident to explore their femininity through clothing, and receive the kindness and support of other group members to help them step fully into their power and embrace the woman most in alignment with their highest self. We encourage all individuals to discover how to embrace their bodies as they are today, and dress themselves in a way that makes them feel expressive, powerful and alive.

The group originated with the name 'BohoVistaSister', because of it's bohemian sisterhood focus. After the business of clothing was launched, the name was changed to Stone Circle, to capture the spirit of the many magical archeological sites throughout the UK and the folklore surrounding them... finally, in October 2023, Alexandra moved into her own space as sole Director of Ancient Earth.

The designs we offer are inspired by many historical periods, stories, deities and icons. We feel the essence of mystery, wonder and legend is encapsulated within our name.

The first small batch of just 20 wrap dresses were sold instantly over facebook live in 2020! These garments were ethically sourced, handmade from repurposed fabrics, unique one off designs, accommodating for voluptuous bodies, and affordable. The demand was still high, and so slowly but surely, Alexandra continued to reinvest in more dresses before realising the opportunity to create something truly special. She spent the entirety of her fourth pregnancy and maternity leave learning about design and fashion, researching peoples needs and demand through the group until she had a clear vision of what exactly she wanted to offer the world - and thus, Ancient Earth, was birthed from the imagination, into the world. Ancient Earth now offer series releases every 8-12 weeks. These are all unique, bespoke and seasonally designed collections.

After this first weekend release, thousands of women joined our Facebook community in quick secession. The Facebook group is still the heart and soul of Ancient Earth and continues to beat and grow. Today we continue to strive for authentic Bohemian trends, with our very own European flare. We love deep earth tones, warm natural hues, golden era florals and wondrous, magical history.

Ancient Earth a fiercely strong team of loyal and committed friends and chosen family, who carry out their roles with dedication and love.

It was through the group that Alexandra and Amy met, with Amy quickly becoming a vital part of the AE family, and pillar of strength for Alexandra.

Amy and Alexandra are both hardworking mothers, friends, and sisters and work together as partners and active group leaders to bring the community together and create a safe space for likeminded others to call home.

You will find them modelling Ancient Earth collections, with friends AE, as they support the promotion of real bodies, real women, and accessibility for all.

Within the Sisterhood you will find live video content, guest speakers, live reveals, meditations and embodiment workshops and much more. The Sisterhood offers so much support to the community and is 100% FREE!

We also host annual meets, both free and ticketed exciting events,

We believe that within us all is the natural ability to look and feel like a Goddess, no matter what. We are here to reclaim our feminine powers, let our strengths be seen, our voices be heard! To build each other up and rebuild our sisterhood bonds. Together, we shine brighter.

Come and join us today!